iOS 15: Rumor Indicates News That Will Arrive on The Apple System

iOS 15: Apple will introduce news about iOS 15 during WWDC 2021, but a new rumor has already revealed what changes should come to the iPhones system. In a post on Twitter, the head of the MakeUseOf website, Connor Jewiss, commented on the next generation of Apple’s mobile OS.

According to Jewiss, iOS 15 will bring improvements to the interface in dark mode and also in the messaging app. The person responsible for the rumor also says that we can expect some changes in the look of the system, including design changes that appeared earlier.

In terms of the new features, iOS 15 is supposed to receive improvements to its Apple Health app, which brings together health features. The platform will feature food monitoring options and other news geared to exercise and lifestyle, according to the rumor.

The lock screen of iPhones is also expected to change with the arrival of Apple’s new operating system, according to speculation. Another novelty listed by Connor Jewiss is related to the notification system, which will receive more options for adjustments.

According to information provided by the Bloomberg agency

previously, Apple is revamping the notification system to adapt to the user. IOS 15 is supposed to feature different alert profiles, including “driving” and “working”, with customized options for sounds and warnings.

Apple did not comment on the matter and the details listed above should be viewed with suspicion, but official news should arrive soon. WWDC 2021 takes place online on June 7 and will certainly be the stage for the development of iOS 15 for developers.

The final version of iOS 15 is expected to be released by the end of the year for compatible devices. According to speculation, the update will not arrive for phones like the iPhone 6S and the first generation iPhone SE.



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