iOS 15 Has An Exclusive SMS Spam Filter for Brazil


iOS 15: Featuring several improvements, iOS 15 was officially announced at WWDC 2021 this Monday (7). One of the new features of the system will be the iMessage filter against SMS spam, exclusive to Brazil.

Many users were left without understanding the reason why only the Brazilian market will receive this functionality. However, the answer is much simpler than people might imagine.

Although Apple has not revealed details, this feature will be exclusive to Brazil due to the fact that iMessage is not so popular in the country. As a result, the messenger becomes an ample space for Spam.

As per the brand information, the system will use the devices’ intelligence to filter out unwanted messages. This way, the messages will be organized in the Transactions, Promotions or Spam folders.

One of the advantages of the native feature is that transaction SMS sent by banks and online stores go to a dedicated folder. So the inbox of Brazilian iMessage users will become cleaner and more organized.

Filter with help of AI

In addition to Brazil, India is another country that has had an exclusive spam filter since iOS 14. Apple uses machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to perform the filter without relying on a third-party database.

What’s more, the functionality replaces apps like Class Zero SMS. With the function of only displaying important messages in full screen, these software does not use efficient AI to filter out potential spam content.

iOS 15 is expected to hit the general public in the last quarter of this year. The new version of the operating system will have important changes regarding security and privacy control.


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