iOS 15 Beta Gains Automatic Lens Flare Removal on Photos


iOS 15 has not yet officially released by Apple, but its latest beta version has revealed some of the improvements the new system will bring. One of them is the ability to automatically remove the lens flare from photos taken with the iPhone under certain conditions, a problem that bothers some cell phone users.

The news was first noticed this week by a Reddit user and later reported by the camera app Halide on Twitter. In the publication (see below), two photos appear side by side, allowing you to compare the improvements made automatically in the post-processing of the image.

In the photo on the left, we have the original image taken with the camera of an iPhone 12 Pro, affected by optical aberration also known as “lens flare”. The effect usually appears when photographs are taken under intense light conditions, such as when the lens is pointed towards the Sun, for example, among others.

The photo on the right brings the correction made automatically by the cell phone’s image processing, which runs iOS 15 beta, according to the owner, removing the lens flare. This functionality was not mentioned during the announcement of the new version of the system at the latest edition of the WWDC conference, held in June by Apple.

Result can be variable

In the discussion that followed after the original post mentioning the Reddit new feature, other users also reported noticing the automatic removal of lens flare on their iPhones. Many of them even said that the function was found in older cell phone variants.

However, some said that the tool does not always provide good results, being better used when the effect covers small parts of the photo, mainly. When the reflection is greater, the system’s post-processing cannot remove it, leaving it as it is, according to reports.


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