iOS 15.2 Will Implement Repair History For iPhones


iOS 15.2: This week, Apple released a preview version of iOS 15.2 to developers revealing an interesting set of news. Among them, there is a feature that favors the so-called “Repair Rights”, a movement that seeks to promote more independence in the repair and management of electronic devices for more experienced users.

The novelty in question is a native repair history for iPhones, which will provide more information about the internal components of your devices. The feature expands the existing functionality on the subject, as previously they were only able to assess the genuineness of installed batteries or screens.

With the change, users will be able to check this information in a dedicated section in the phone’s settings, revealing not only the genuineness of the modified parts, but also the date of their installation. Once iOS 15.2 is installed, you can access the new feature via the path “Settings > General > About > Parts and Service History”.

In this context, it is noteworthy that the update will not bother users if a “second-tier” part is identified, unlike what is found in the first versions of iOS 15. Check it out:

Advantage for consumers

The new feature, along with the “home repair kit,” suggests that Apple may be changing its thinking about the repairability of its devices. The company has been criticized for unnecessarily making it difficult to repair the iPhone 13’s screens, setting a dangerous precedent for the independent authorized service market.

On the other hand, the change to iOS 15.2 could have a significant impact on the secondary market for Apple devices, as it makes it difficult to “disguise” modified units with poor quality parts — something, however, beneficial to the end user.