IOS 14 verdict from Apple: smiling faces


Thanks to Apple and iOS 14, a whole new page will be opened on the issue of data privacy. With every major iOS update (such as iOS 11, iOS 12 or iOS 13), apps that violate users’ right to information are hit.

There are days left to meet the new iOS version. Aware of this, Apple sent an email to the developers notifying them that their data privacy policy would be changed.

The advertising industry can witness a huge loss of revenue due to this practice. The US-based technology giant has waged war on software that does not get permission from users but follows them.

How will Apple change its data privacy policy with iOS 14?

The articles in the new data privacy policy, which is said to be put into effect at the beginning of 2021, are aimed at protecting users. From now on, developers who publish applications for iOS and Mac users have to explain how their software collects information from users and how this information is stored under an indexing system.

In addition, the developers, who are obliged to show all the data they collect to Apple, will also share the information collection method with users. In this way, users will be able to see what information they will provide to the other party before installing an application.

The software developers will forward the information collected from users to Apple next month. No more monitoring can be done without users knowing. People who earn income from the advertising industry will have a hard time finding the best target audience for their ads.

If a user requests not to be tracked, no application or no browser will be able to track him. Users will be warned about data privacy when they encounter software that requests information from them.


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