iOS 14: Orange and Green Dots on the screen


In terms of security, privacy and user health, Apple and its operating systems are among the most prominent in the sector. iOS, MacOS and others bring functions, options and applications to control what you see, and to inform you of all the activity of your device, from when the micro is activated to when an app requests permission to open the terminal’s camera.

And if you recently updated to iOS 14, you may have come across some colored dots that appear at the top of the user interface, just to the right. What are they? What are they for?

iOS 14: orange dot, green dot

Nowadays, the social networks app that does not ask for your permission to access the microphone or the camera of your iPhone is rare. In fact, both Facebook and Instagram have been found guilty of accessing device cameras in the background when applications are in use. Therefore, in response to this and always looking for the well-being of its users, Apple has implemented in iOS 14 a new security function to indicate when an application does exactly this.

And that’s what the colored dots are all about, because when an application is using the camera or microphone of your iPhone or iPad, a small dot will appear in the status bar, just above the WiFi signal and network status bars. :

– Green Dot: means that an iOS application is using the camera.

– Orange Dot: means that an iOS application is using the microphone.

If you close the app using the camera or microphone and then open the Control Center, a camera or microphone icon will appear along with the name of the app that was using the feature recently.

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In this way, and with a clear color code, the recording indicators prevent and inform you that an app in the background is accessing the camera or microphone without your knowledge, so you can be sure that they are applied.


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