iOS 14: how to create your own stack of widgets?


By adding more and more widgets to the iPhone home screen, we can come close to indigestion. To avoid this overflow effect, Apple has devised two solutions… in the form of widgets, of course! The first is the Smart Stack, which displays a list of automatically selected widgets, which scroll according to the time and the user’s habits. It is also possible to manually switch from one widget to another.

But you can also create your own stack of widgets. The principle is very simple, but perhaps not as obvious as it seems. Go to the Widgets panel on the far left of the Home screen, or place all the widgets you want in a stack on a page. Hold a widget with your finger, and drag / drop it on another to create a stack.

There is one constraint to respect: all the widgets in a stack must be the same size. A small widget won’t want to befriend a big widget, for example. You can stack the widgets on top of each other without having to think about their order: sorting can be done in a second step, via the Modify the stack option in the Haptic Touch menu or 3D Touch on the stack.

These options allow you to deactivate smart rotation (it is active by default) and to rearrange the widgets as desired. By swiping a widget to the left, it will be possible to remove it from the stack.

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