iOS 14 | How to add widgets on the iPhone desktop


With the arrival of iOS 14 on the iPhone, Apple’s smartphone has gained one of the most useful features in years: widgets. Widgets are blocks attached to the phone’s desktop, which can be used to quickly view information or to access application functionality without having to open them.

How to add widgets on iPhone

1. Long press on an empty part of the desktop until the icons show a “minus” symbol;

2. Tap the button with the “plus” symbol, located at the top right, to open the list of widget options;

3 Touch the widget you want to add and drag left and right to see other options for format and size;

4. After choosing the style, tap on “Add Widget”;

5. Then, touch an empty field on the work area to see the result;

6. You can tap the widget until it is shaking to drag it to another part of the screen or another desktop, as well as choose the options “Edit Start Screen” (to return to the edit mode) and “Remove Widget ”.

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