iOS 14 Concept That Will Touch the Heart of iPhone Users


A YouTuber shared an iOS 14 concept with features that frustrated iPhone users. The concept brings the popular features of Android to iOS, encouraging iPhone owners.

Apple’s new iOS 14 software update is expected to arrive on iPhones in September. While the tech giant has been silent about the changes that the new version of iOS will bring before the preview expected to show up in WWDC, hints to some features of iOS 14 have leaked to date.

One of the features expected to come with iOS 14 will be the widgets on the home screen that make iPhones more dynamic and improve the interaction of users with apps on iOS. While details about this are still unclear, an iOS 14 concept posted on YouTube by the Hacker 34 reveals a concept that everyone would want to have on their iPhone but never see the sun.

iOS 14 concept brings Android’s popular features to iPhones
In addition to new widgets that look very useful in the iOS14 concept video, an updated dock with split-drop support, split screen, and even picture-in-picture mode come together. All of these features are among the innovations already in the Android ecosystem that Apple users have been waiting for years.

While the new software update will be released in fall for supported iPhones, Apple is expected to share the demo of iOS 14 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Even though iOS 14 will probably come with great innovations, you should not expect for the features that appear in the concept.

the Hacker 34’s iOS 14 concept:


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