iOS 14 beta 6 released! Here are the changes!


Apple recently released new versions of iOS 14 beta 6 and iPadOS beta 6. The newly released beta versions have started to be tested by the developers. Approximately 1 week after the release of iOS 14 beta 5, the release of the new beta version means that the 2-week update process will continue on a weekly basis.

New iOS 14 beta 6 and iPadOS 14 beta 6 released

More bug fixes and stabilization adjustments are seen in beta 6 compared to the previous beta 5 version. As is known, the new home page widget feature will be available with iOS 14. During the beta processes, arrangements continue to be made in widget sizing in various versions.

iOS 14 beta 6

First of all, it is necessary to state that sticky screen support is activated in the use of Maps. In addition, the 3D sound effect feature has been activated for the use of AirPods Pro.

In addition, a design change has been made in the Clock application, which has been talked about much before. While the old dial structure was opened for use in the watch selection section, a version was prepared in a similar way to the new design style.

iOS 14 beta 6

Various bug fixes have also been made on the Application Library side. On the other hand, it seems that various improvements have been made in FaceTime and Messages application.

Apart from iOS, iPadOS 14 seems to have more bug fixes and stabilization arrangements as on the iOS side.

The 18A5357e update, which started to be distributed as approximately 500 MB, may not appear on iPhone models in developer accounts for now. It is stated that it is necessary to check the updates several times in this regard. In a short time, the problem of not showing this beta update will also disappear.


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