IOS 14.5 Jailbreak and M1 Chip Support Launched by checkra1n


IOS 14.5: Checkra1n, software that allows you to jailbreak multiple Apple devices, reported on Thursday (29) the release of an update for users of iPhones and iPads who have already updated iOS and iPadOs 14.5: the new version checkra1n 0.12. 3 already brings support for Apple’s new mobile operating systems, in addition to initial support for Macs with the M1 chip.

Launched for heavy users, who enjoy using their devices “without limits”, the tool is not compatible with iPhones XS, XS Max, XR and later, since it only works with devices that have A7 to A11 chips, which equip from iPhone 5s to iPhones X and 8/8 Plus.

Regarding Macs with an M1 (Apple Silicon) chip, the checkra1n team warns that there is a problem with the software assembly that can cause some devices to crash and restart, when trying to run, from a USB-C port, the checkm8, just the program that exploits the vulnerability of the operating system.

What’s new in checkra1n version 0.12.3

In addition to support for iOS and iPadOS 14.5, and preliminary assistance for all Macs with M1, the new version of checkra1n brings a new command, force-revert, to allow the restoration of the rootfs instance, even when the user does not have access to the Loader application. The included binpack has been updated and compressed.

The version also brings several bugfixes, mainly related to crashes in tvOS 12 and in mobile device structures. Due to changes in the USB stack, the developers warn, it may be necessary to connect and disconnect the power cord during the unlock process.

Installing the jailbreak allows you to install games and applications outside the App Store, making your phone somewhat more “powerful”. However, although it is not a criminal or illegal program, the procedure voids the warranty on your devices and is not supported by Apple, that is, at your own risk. The new (beta) version of checkra1n is only available for macOS and Linux.


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