iOS 14.5 comes with next-generation controller support


Apple mobile devices are getting new generation controller support with iOS 14.5 version. Apple iPhones already have support for a controller. Especially with the Apple Arcade service, Apple iPhones got good games. With the arrival of these games, the use of controllers has increased.

iOS 14.5 gets DualSense and Xbox Series X controller support

Apple comes with iOS 14.5 support for iPhones DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers. Currently there is iOS 14.5 beta version and users with this version can try the next generation controllers. Users who do not download the beta version, on the other hand, have to wait for the final version of iOS 14.5.

Currently there is no support for DualSense’s adaptive trigger keys. Later, teams developing games for iOS platforms can make an attempt to use DualSense’s adaptive trigger keys.


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