iOS 14.5.1: iPhone XR Performs Better Than iPhone 12


iOS 14.5.1: The iPhone XR, in a recent performance test, recorded better results with iOS 14.5.1 than its successor, the iPhone 12. This information challenges the old premise that the most recent models launched by Apple are, in a way, overall, better than the previous ones. The person responsible for the test was Nick Ackerman, known for making cell phone analyzes and comparisons on YouTube.

It is worth remembering that the iPhone XR was launched in 2018, while the other model, two years later, in 2020. Therefore, the results, in addition to being unexpected, cause some amazement. During the test, which was published last Wednesday (05), the youtuber compared the two devices with the iPhone 11, to see which one would be faster. Check out the full analysis below:

The iPhone XR managed to win in almost all tests, being the fastest of the trio, especially when launching applications. In comparison, the iPhone 12 had the second best performance, while the iPhone 11 was in last place.

The 2018 model also stood out in the benchmark tests: both in Geekbench and 3DMark, the iPhone XR beat the latest models, with a notable difference. It is possible that the drop in performance of competitors was motivated by iOS 14.5.1, due to some management gap.


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