iOS 14.3 beta version hints at new Apple products


Apple introduced its M1 processor and its first computers with this processor this week. The company also started to bring the macOS Big Sur operating system to users. Apple, not forgetting the mobile device owners, also released the first beta version for iOS 14.3. This beta version also gives some clues about Apple’s future plans.

2020 is almost over. However, there are two Apple products that are not yet official, although expected this year. These are AirPods Studio on-ear headphones and tracking device called AirTag. Although it seems unlikely that both products will come out before the end of the year, the first beta version of iOS 14.3 contains hints that Apple is not giving up on these devices.

The beta version includes an icon showing a headset design that has not been used in any Apple product before. This design is not very similar to those seen in AirPods Studio images that have previously leaked to the internet. While a more traditional headphone design is seen in the leaks, a slightly different design is visible in the beta version of iOS 14.3. Although it is said that Apple can produce two different AirPods Studio models, this possibility should be approached with caution.

ios 14.3 beta

In addition to the headphone icon, there are also bag and luggage icons. It is understood that these also indicate the existence of AirTag. It is stated that there is a video showing the AirTag installation in the first beta version of iOS 14.3. According to 9to5Mac’s report, AirTag will be paired with Apple ID. In this way, it will be prevented from being used by someone else. It is also among the received information that AirTags can be scanned to determine the owner.

It is possible to find other new features in iOS and iPadOS 14.3 beta versions. These include features such as ProRAW, PS5 Dual Sense controller support, which were previously announced for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.


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