iOS 14.2 Developer Beta is out! Here are the features!


The iOS 14.2 Developer Beta update attracted attention with its features and an innovation for the application named Shazam. For now, this version, which concerns developers, includes music-oriented changes.

This application, which can detect who owns the sound playing around it, was moved to the Control Center thanks to iOS 14.2 (18B5052h). Shazam is known as one of the first apps to be included in Apple’s app store.

We are here with iOS 14 Developer Beta features

Users often use Shazam to get information about a song they don’t know. The name of a song detected by this software appears in the notification center. If the relevant song is on Apple Music, you can listen to it directly.

In this version, you can move Shazam from Settings to Control Center. Apple bought Shazam in December 2017 for $ 400 million.

iOS 14.2 Developer Beta

Just like the screen recording feature, this application is now easier to use. In addition, there will be songs recommended by Apple Music in Control Center. Apart from that, updates for iPadOS 14.2, tvOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, Big Sur Beta 7 and Xcode 12.2 Beta have also been released. How to download the iOS 14.2 Developer Beta update?

If you are a developer in Apple’s system, you can use this software. You can go to the download page by clicking “here” and meet iOS 14.2 under construction. If you wish, after installing this version, you can access the files you will need to remove it from the same page.

iOS 14.2 Developer Beta özellikleri

In this update, which is 4.94 GB in size, the template in which the information transmitted via the Control Center is placed has been slightly enlarged. In addition, it was announced that the iOS 14.2 version did not release the relevant notification that annoyed many users when it detected AirPods. When iOS 14 detects an AirPods, it sends a notification about this on the screen.

In a benchmark test, it was announced that the iOS 14 software received 1339 points from the single core test and 3491 points from the multi-core test. iOS 14.2 scored 1335 points in the single core test and 3352 points in the multi-core test. What do you think about the features of the iOS 14.2 Developer Beta software, which scored lower than the iOS 14 software in the benchmark test?


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