IOS 14.2.1 update from Apple for iPhone 12 series


Apple has released the iOS 14.2.1 update. As far as it is understood, this update, which targets new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series devices, contains some bug fixes. Among them, there is a solution to the problem of the lock screen freezing in iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 mini went on sale abroad last Friday. Some users started reporting some sensitivity issues with the lock screen after a short while. Users who dragged the lock screen up to unlock their phones had some problems. It has also been reported that there are problems with turning on the flashlight or using the camera button.

The exact cause of these lock screen problems is unknown. Fortunately, Apple has found the solution to these problems. With the iOS 14.2.1 update, these lock screen problems on the iPhone 12 mini are also fixed.

On the other hand, Apple says the iOS 14.2.1 update also resolves some MMS messages not being received or audio quality issues related to some hearing devices labeled Made for iPhone. As we mentioned above, the updates seem to target more Apple’s latest smartphones. On older iPhone models, iOS 14.2 is the most current version.

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