IO Interactive delves into what’s new in Hitman 3 in VR


We can play Hitman 3 with PSVR in the more than twenty locations available throughout the entire trilogy. It will arrive alongside the game in January 2021.

IO Interactive has published a new development diary in which it delves into how Hitman 3’s virtual reality mode will work. Announced during the last State of Play, Agent 47 will offer for the first time in his career the possibility of being able to see the world of murder from his own eyes.

In the video, just four minutes long, some key employees in the studio discuss the most representative functions of the game. For example, now we can take all the objects with our hand and use them in the way we want. If we need to hit someone with an iron bar, that object has an impact on the behavior of the person who receives the blow. If we touch his back gently, he will turn towards us, while if we make a violent movement on his head we will neutralize him.

The same goes for the use of firearms. The possibilities of virtual reality and motion control allow actions such as shooting blind at the edge of a corner. A fact so natural that it transforms the actions we take when controlling 47 in the third person. The same happens when we simply go unnoticed among some bushes. Someone may see us and we do not, and vice versa.

According to the study, the way of playing changes completely. It makes you participate in the small details, to be able to look your objectives in the eyes. The VR version reaches the complete trilogy, that is, you will be able to play with full support the more than 20 locations available through the three installments, including downloadable content.

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The mode for PSVR will arrive at the same time as the launch of Hitman 3: January 2021. So far it has not transpired if this function will also be available on PC.


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