Invocation of Evil 3: Film Gets 4 New and Chilling New Videos

Invocation of Evil 3: The third sequel to The Conjuring franchise (Invocation of Evil, in Portuguese) will be released next week, on June 3. However, on Monday (24), Warner Bros. Pictures decided to make the fans of the production even more anxious – and also chilled – for what comes around with four unpublished and scary teasers.

Invocation of Evil 3: The Order of the Demon (originally titled The Devil Made Me Do It) has Michael Chaves in the direction and features Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the roles of the protagonists Lorraine and Ed Warren, respectively, in addition to Sterling Jerins, Ruairi O ‘Connor, Julian Hilliard and Shannon Kook in the main cast.

The four videos present interesting and at the same time different views on the Warren’s relationship with demonic possessions. In the plot of the new film, the duo will be involved in a murder case, whose criminal claims to have been possessed before committing the atrocities that were assigned to him.

In this way, the teasers present exorcisms and other moments when these demonic beings appear in the narrative, while everyone tries to prove the boy’s innocence.

Check out all the videos released:




Invocation of Evil 3: sequel will potentiate the horror of the franchise’s narrative

The success of the first films yielded truly shocking spinoffs, like Annabelle. James Wan, the name behind the direction and design of the features, was on the production team for the third sequel, which promises to further enhance the horror of the franchise’s narrative.

In addition, the filmmaker is also credited alongside David Leslie Johnson, his most frequent collaborator, in overseeing the project. Based on the new teasers, Invocation of Evil 3 is likely to deliver on what it has been promising since it launched its launch campaign.

Apparently, the audience will be surprised by the case presented in the plot, in addition to seeing new elements that will bring more anguish and terrifying moments to the screens.

So be sure to check it out! This grand horror movie will be released on June 3rd.



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