“Invitation” with director Jessica Thompson


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Writer and director Jessica Thompson will join the show this week to talk about her movie “The Invitation,” starring Natalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty and Sean Pertwee. Also on the show this week, we discuss the return of “Game of Thrones” and our reaction to the premiere of “House of the Dragon.” Gabe catches up with us in Netflix’s “Sandman,” and we review Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg’s “Time for Me.”

Timestamps (only approximately)

00:04:03 – Interview with Jessica Thompson
00:26:32 – Overview of the Dragon House
00:38:22 – The Sandman
00:43:11 – Sean catches up with the stairs
00:50:14 – This week in the cinema
00:52:49 – Emergency review
00:56:46 – Review of my time
01:02:46 – Invitation review
01:07:53 – Our favorite musical biopic
01:24:42 – End

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