Invisible City: Marco Pigossi talks about his role


To further promote the Brazilian series Cidade Invisível, Netflix recently interviewed Marco Pigossi, interpreter of the protagonist Eric. Throughout the conversation, the actor revealed to the audience how the invitation to join the cast of the production came about.

According to Pigossi, he and Carlos Saldanha, director of Invisible City, had known each other for some time. Thus, when the opportunity arose to participate in the project, the actor soon accepted.

“I was looking for new challenges, new stories and new possibilities,” he explained, also commenting on his participation in the Tidelands series, also from Netflix.

“When he [Carlos Saldanha] told me that we were going to talk about our folk universe within a police thriller, for me it was the union of all worlds,” said Pigossi, stressing the importance of the cultural exchange seen in the series.

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Invisible City cast features characters from Brazilian folklore

According to Marco Pigossi, one of the biggest challenges to join the cast of Invisible City was to understand certain situations outside of our reality that were present in the scripts. It is worth mentioning that the plot was developed by fantasy writers Carolina Munhóz and Raphael Draccon.

“I remember reading things in the scripts and thinking about how I was going to do that,” he revealed. “How am I going to tell someone else that a mermaid tried to kill me? How am I going to live these situations? ”, He recalled, also commenting that, in the first readings of the script, the characters were not yet fully constructed.

The series Invisible City debuted on Netflix in early February and was quite successful in several countries. In the production, it is possible to see famous entities of Brazilian folklore, such as Curupira, Cuca and Saci Pererê.

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