Invisible City: Marco Pigossi confirm season 2 of the series


On Tuesday (2), Netflix finally announced the renewal of the series Invisible City. The Brazilian production, developed by filmmaker Carlos Saldanha, debuted about a month ago on the streaming platform and captivated audiences from around the world with its fantastic plot.

To spread the news to fans of the series, Marco Pigossi, interpreter of the protagonist Eric, recorded a special video in which he dramatized several comments from Internet users who were eager for new episodes of Invisible City.

At the end of the short teaser, the actor receives a call from Netflix confirming that the second season of the production will be produced.

According to information previously obtained, the producer Prodigo Films continues to be behind the work involving the filming of the series. “It is a great joy to see our product, from Brazil, reach so many parts of the world and please so many people”, celebrated Carlos Saldanha.

According to him, when receiving numerous comments about the series, there is a lot to take into consideration for the development of the new episodes. It is not yet known which members of the cast will be back and also who will be the new characters of the Brazilian folklore that will emerge.

Invisible City: can season 2 have a review of indigenous issues?

Although it has attracted the attention of several people worldwide, Brazilian production has also been the subject of controversy. Through social networks, several social groups expressed their disapproval of the content presented by the writers.

According to them, there is the erasure of indigenous issues through the representation of folk entities that, for these peoples, would be deities. Another criticized fact is the setting in Rio de Janeiro, since most of the myths highlighted in the series come from the northern region of Brazil.

The expectation is that in the 2nd season everything will be developed in a more careful way. Let’s wait for news!


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