Invisible City: did the gringos understand Brazilian folklore?


Invisible City, Netflix’s newest Brazilian production is gaining notoriety on the platform. The series, which addresses the universe of Brazilian folklore, takes place in a Brazil in which, secretly, urban legends and fantastic tales are real.

In the Brazilian region, the series reached the top of the most watched in streaming. And outside Brazil, production is also becoming extremely popular. In the United States, Cidade Invisível is also currently in 1st place in the top 10 of Netflix.

In addition, the series has performed well among international critics. In the Decider, for example, the project was qualified as involving and the performances, including that of Marco Pigossi, were highlighted. Despite this, the lack of explanation for some of the legends presented in the series was noted by critics.

According to the Ready Steady Cut, the mysterious tone of the series draws attention and yields an honorable comparison with the success of the 90s, The X-Files. Furthermore, the website pointed out the speed and dynamics of the episodes as important factors to hold the attention of different types of audience.

Fans from around the world react to the Invisible City through social media

On Twitter, the commotion of American fans is being noticed by the Brazilian public. Under the name Invisible City, gringos subscribers praised Brazilian production.

The euphoria was so great that even the Netflix Brasil account posted some of the most animated tweets.

A fan said: “Watching a super weird Brazilian program / movie / series that I don’t know the name of, but there are nature spirits pretending to be human and it’s a trip”.

Another post said: “I just watched the first episode of Invisible City on Netflix. Really intriguing! I have no idea what path it will take, but I am looking forward to finding out! ”.

An animated tweet said: “MDDC I’m watching #CidadeInvisivel on Netflix and it’s so crazy and exciting! Definitely a new favorite fantasy series. ”

There was still one who said: “Okay, I just watched it at once and it’s amazing. I LOVED. Brazilian folklore, great history, magnificent performances, captivating characters, suspense, action, revelation. THAT FINAL !! I need season 2 ”.

What’s more, the international audience compared the magic of the series to the classic Cem Anos de Solão, saying the production is breathtaking. Also, many of the fans revealed that they wanted to learn Portuguese because of the show.

The 7 episodes of the 1st season of Invisible City are now available on Netflix!