Invisible City: cast plays ‘fact or gossip’ in Netflix video


Invisible City premiered in early February and has already become one of the most loved series by the public. Original Netflix, the Brazilian production is making the biggest success here and among gringos. In a new promotional video for the series, Netflix brought together the protagonists Marcos Pigossi, Alessandra Negrini and Jéssica Córes to play “fact or gossip?”.

During the game, the actors need to guess whether the backstage stories told there are real or a lie.

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What’s the story of Invisible City?

Directed by Carlos Saldanha (A Era do Gelo), the production follows Eric (Marcos Pigossi), an environmental police officer who is investigating the death of his wife, Gabriela (Júlia Konrad).

During his investigations, Eric discovers that folk creatures are living among humans and that they are the answer to their past.

The cast of protagonists also features Alessandra Negrini in the role of Inês (Cuca), owner of a bar and powerful witchcraft, and Jéssica Córes as Camila (Iara), a mermaid who delights men and attracts them to death.


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