Investors: Top Earning This Week (April 17)


Investors: Top Winners this week. Bitcoin price broke the record this week and exceeded $ 64,000. Cryptocurrency investors at Binance Futures raised millions of dollars over the week, with the rise across the market. An investor made $ 11 million.

Bitcoin (BTC) has hit an all-time high this week, climbing to $ 64,863. With a market value of $ 1.1 trillion, BTC’s 24-hour trade volume is around $ 73 billion.

Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • MileSocksDance: The investor, who was the top of the list of the week with a 15,135 percent ROI, lost $ 410 this week.
  • CousinCutBelt: Second with a ROI of 15.103 percent, the trader earned $ 28,986 on a weekly basis.
  • GrowTodayAngry: The investor, third on the list, achieved an ROI of 9,968 percent this week. The investor made $ 18,996 during the week.
  • ComfortableMaskTwentieth: The fourth trader with an ROI of 8,739 percent earned $ 11,298 this week.
  • TelephoneWifeSugar: Investor, ranked fifth on the list, achieved an ROI of 8,566 percent this week. The trader earned $ 17,661 on a weekly basis.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • BorrowBusinessmanMath: The investor, who took the first place in the list by earning $ 11 million, achieved $ 1.8 million on a daily basis.
  • UsefulCoatMake: Second on the list, the trader earned $ 6.3 million this week. The investor lost $ 456,113 on a daily basis.
  • HangTwiceTerrible: The trader, who came third, earning $ 6.1 million, achieved $ 1.6 million within the day.
  • UnhappyBuyWin: Investor, fourth on the list, earned $ 5.8 million this week. The trader lost $ 1.8 million during the day.
  • CloseSuccessfulCheat: Investor, who became fifth on the list for $ 4.6 million, lost $ 988,865 on a daily basis.


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