Investors Await Fall in Bitcoin

Man holding three Bitcoin coins in hand

Domestic crypto traders think that the price of Bitcoin may fall in the next few days.

Bitcoin, which has been floating in the range of 9 thousand 300-9 thousand 600 dollars since yesterday, is now slightly above 9 thousand 500 dollars. Bitcoin’s price did not change much compared to yesterday, but there is a significant change in trade volume. This volume, which has been decreasing for 2 days, was $ 41 billion 24 hours ago, now it has dropped to $ 35 billion.

The narrowing of the volume in the market may be attributed to the end of the week, but it should be reminded that this decrease in volume started on weekdays. Many domestic investors think that this decline may also lead to a drop in price. Only 30% of investors who participated in the survey opened by Crypto Kemal the other day think that the price of Bitcoin will rise.

In addition, Selcoin, one of the domestic crypto commentators, shared a post about Bitcoin last night and said it expects a drop in price. Saying that the decline may start in “1-2 days”, Selcoin says that this time the movement will be quite harsh.

What if it rises?
If the volume of Bitcoin starts to increase starting from tomorrow, an upward increase in price can be seen again. At least, some commentators’ expectations are in this direction. Rookie shared his views on the price of Bitcoin a few hours ago and said that he is in a “long position” for now.

According to his analysis, the price of Bitcoin starts to move upwards; It will mean that Bitcoin will target $ 9,667, 9,810 and $ 9,986 respectively.


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