Investors Attention! They Attack Using Ledger Name

Hacker work front of his laptop computer with dark face.

The cryptocurrency community is talking about a very sophisticated phishing attack targeting Ledger users.

According to Twitter and Reddit users, a new scam email is circulating with the address “[email protected]”. The phishing attack specifically targets Ledger users using their names. This means that the malicious people behind the attack already have users’ names in their records and email addresses.

Many important names of the cryptocurrency community continue to warn people by making important statements on Twitter and Telegram.

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What Does It Say In The Email?

One copy of this scam email uses the following statements:

“Dear” name “,

We are sorry to inform you that there is a security breach affecting around 85,000 of our customers and that your e-mail address (‘e-mail’) is among those affected.

So, on Friday, October 23, 2020, our forensics team found that some of the Ledger Live management servers were infected with malware.

Based on our current knowledge, it is technically not possible to specify the exact extent of data leakage. Therefore, we must assume that your cryptocurrency assets are at risk of sudden theft.

If you have used Ledger Live at any point since November 2019, please download the latest version of the client and follow the instructions to set a new PIN for your wallet.


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