The Investment Bank of the Rockefeller Family Meets to Speak Bitcoin on May 27th!


Arguably, one of the few wealthiest families in the world is Rockefeller. The money they control is estimated to range from $ 10 trillion to $ 30 trillion. In the area of ​​international finance, there is no special family that is thought to be as effective as Rockefeller.

Goldman Sachs, a multinational US investment minister leading a joint investment group with Rockefeller, provides investment banking, financial consultancy, financial management, etc. to corporate clients. offers financial services. Founded in 1869, the company’s headquarters is in New York.

The giant investment bank decided to meet at the request of investors, and it was noteworthy that Bitcoin was also included in the call for the meeting.

Bitcoin will also be discussed at the meeting
At the meeting of the investment bank with investors on May 27, “Economic Outlook of the USA” and “The Effects of Existing Inflation Policies, Gold and Bitcoin” will be discussed. The fact that “Bitcoin”, which Wall Street has shrugged for a long time, will be officially spoken at the meeting, of course, has made a big impact in the cryptocurrency market.

Sharman Mossavar-Rhami, Chief Investment Officer of Goldman Sachs, Jason Furman, economics professor at Harvard Kennedy School, and Jan Hatzius, Head of Global Research and Goldman Sachs, will host the meeting. Mossavar-Rhami made an interesting debut in 2018 and said it didn’t see any value in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


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