Inventing Anna: These are the drama characters who are married in real life


Inventing Anna has become one of the most successful recent dramas of the moment. One of the most curious things about this Netflix drama is that the story was based on real events, and many of the things we saw on the screens were totally real, there is even a married couple who are still together in the reality.

The married couple that we saw in the series, Todd Spodek and his wife, Victoria Spodek, played by Arian Moayed and Caitlin Fitzgerald, are really a couple in real life, and even still in the marital union. But, it is not only they who exist in real life, the same happens with the journalist Vivian Kent, who is played by the actress Jessica Pressler.

Anna Delvey’s (Julia Garner) attorneys, Todd Spodek, and his wife, Victoria Spodek, have a lot in common with the Inventing Anna series. In the drama, Victoria works in her father’s big company, so she comes from a wealthy family. Todd refers to his wife’s family as “The New York Porters”. Victoria often takes her partner to various lavish events.

However, in reality, the truth is that Todd Spodek was the one who grew up following in his father’s footsteps in the family law firm. In one of his recent interviews, this man acknowledged that for as long as he can remember he worked for his father’s law firm, so he always knew that he wanted to try criminal cases.

Today, Todd Spodek is a New York City criminal law attorney with the Spodek Law Group. On the other hand, Victoria Spodek was working for eight years in her husband’s law firm as a lawyer. She currently works at Chubb’s insurance company as Director of Cyber ​​Claims.

This couple currently live with their son in Brooklyn, New York. Although famed creator Shonda Rhimes changed some things in Todd and Victoria Spodek’s lives for Inventing Anna, much remained the same. For example, the real-life journalist behind Vivian Kent, Jessica Pressler (Anna Chlumsky), spent an entire dinner discussing Anna Delvey with her husband and Spodek’s wife. This was revealed by the “real” Jessica Pressler:

“I had a conversation with Todd Spodek’s real wife recently.” “I told him that there are things that are true, but there is a scene where we all go to dinner and we talk about Anna all the time. You and Vivian’s husband are rolling your eyes, and obviously that never happened. And she’s like, ‘Oh, but that happened. But the restaurant was different!”