Inventing Anna: The Grey’s Anatomy actors making their debut in the popular Netflix series


Like Grey’s Anatomy, Inventing Anna also has one of the most popular names behind the scenes, we are talking about its creator Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes has positioned herself in this show for some time, and she also made her debut after the premiere of Bridgerton, another of the popular series on this platform.

But in addition to having Shonda Rhimes in common, Inventing Anna and Grey’s Anatomy also have some of their most popular actors in common. Of course, having worked in the television industry for so long, Shonda already knows which roles suit certain actors best, so she decided to take some of her previous performers into account to bring new characters to life in this new one. Netflix drama.

Inventing Anna tells the story of a Russian swindler in New York, the most curious thing is that two former doctors who worked with Ellen Pompeo at the Grey’s Sloan Memorial of Grey’s Anatomy, are also part of this new production.

Marika Dominczyk

In the 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy, we first met Marika Domińczyk, who played Dr. Eliza Minnick. Although she was not one of the most beloved characters of all, due to her airs of superiority since her arrival, she was undoubtedly one of the most important of that season.

Now, in Inventing Anna, Marika Domińczyk became Talia Mallay. In this popular drama, she is an influential, self-sufficient woman and the first witness to talk to Vivian about her relationship with the scammer. Even though her scenes were brief, she definitely surprised ABC fans with her performance.

Kate Burton

In Grey’s Anatomy, actress Kate Burton has a really important role. In the ABC production, Burton plays the mother of the protagonist Meredith Grey. She is fundamental to Grey’s Anatomy, well, we saw how Meredith never managed to please her, and because of her character, so hard, she implanted traumas in the surgeon.

In Inventing Anna, Kate Burton becomes another character entirely as she brings Nora Radford to life. This woman is the one who manages to accept Anna and her boyfriend in her house, and as if that were not enough, she also opened the doors of her abode to great stars of New York.