Inventing Anna: Netflix Series Is Criticized By One Of The Victims


Inventing Anna: Launched on February 11 of this year on Netflix, the miniseries Inventing Anna, created by Shonda Rhimes, is composed of nine episodes full of shenanigans and conflicts provoked by Anna Sorokin (played by Julia Delph).

Recently, Rachel Williams, one of the victims of the scammer, took advantage of the success with the public to report her outrage with the development of the project.

According to her, Anna Delvey, the name that the faker used to introduce herself previously, would have left her with a debt of more than US$ 60 thousand (around R$ 309 thousand) on her credit card. Upon discovering that Sorokin would have received money from the streaming platform to reward her for producing the miniseries, her spirits rose.

Making Anna: What does Anna Sorokin’s ex-friend have to say to the press about the miniseries?

“More than four years have passed since I helped the police mount a sting operation to arrest my ex-friend, the con artist I knew as Anna Delvey,” Rachel Williams shared via Time Magazine.

“Sometime later, I witnessed at his trial descriptions of the events that left me with over $60K in credit card debt after an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco with Anna and two others,” she continued.

Inventing Anna opens on February 11 of this year and millions of people will watch Anna being portrayed as a complex anti-heroine battling her personal demons in a world that constantly underestimates young women,” she said. “This is a dangerous reality,” she added.

“While I turned down requests from the press, I ended up watching the media provide Anna with some visibility without holding her accountable, with interviews in which she tried to pass off criminal behavior as a high art form,” Williams continued.