Inuyasha fans Should Watch this 2012 anime


Anime, like any kind of art, is a reflection of the culture that created it. Because of this, many anime reflect the history, spiritual beliefs and fairy tales of Japan. One of the popular series, which is well known and perfectly reflects elements of the history of Japan, as well as a more modern representation of the country, is Inuyasha. Although the two-part anime series was completed in 2010 and consists of four films and a side series that is still being filmed, many fans are eager to consume more similar content.

Fans of Inuyashi can find similar content in the 2012 anime series “Kamisama Hajimemashita” (“Kamisama’s Kiss”). Although history does not jump between feudal Japan and modern Japan, as Inuyasha does, it still intertwines the two worlds. It examines spiritual beings who came from Japan much earlier, but in a modern world that is changing how others interact with these beings or see them.

The main character of this story is a teenage girl who gains spiritual powers that allow her to reach her full potential, and also finds love in someone who challenges her and helps her achieve her goals, like Kagome in Inuyasha. Both characters don’t have many fans, but they fall in love with a complicated relationship that challenges them and helps them grow. This detail illustrates the importance of healthy relationships based on loyalty, self-sacrifice and camaraderie in these storylines, as they belong to the same genre of romance.

The tone between the two shows is also similar, as both combine lighthearted comedy and romance with intense and sometimes dark action. While the main focus of each show is rooted in the evolving relationship between the main characters and love interests, demons and fighting enemies are constantly being turned on, while simultaneously increasing their individual strengths. This genre approach to romantic storylines in anime is probably what makes them so successful, since they are not just sentimental love stories.

Of course, this does not mean that Kamisama Kiss has more emotional content. While there is more resistance between Inuyasha and Kagome for a longer period of time, the outward expression of mutual interest between Nanami and Tomoe occurs faster in Kamisama Kiss. In fact, the romantic line in Kamisama Kiss is like a mix of romance in Inuyasha and romance in Fruits Basket.

As with Inuyasha, Kamisama Kiss has several overlapping features with the Fruit Basket. One of the most striking examples are the spiritual beings that make up the characters, which are centered around the animals of the Zodiac. Kamisama Kiss has so many qualities in common with other successful anime from similar genres, but at the same time it has many unique features of its own, which speaks to the potential of its storyline. Although he shares many of the qualities that anime fans enjoy in other series, he offers fans a new perspective on the world.

The protagonist of Kamisama Kiss, Nanami, is the embodiment of a character who is unlucky, a loser. However, it’s not the capabilities she inherited that make her the best version of herself, but the way she reacts to them. Like Inuyasha and Fruits Basket, her ability to consider others allows her to grow and inspires others to do the same. In the anime genre, where characters are such a driving force in the story, strong but sensitive characters are needed for the story to develop in a dark and threatening environment.

As for the actual style and structure of the narrative, the author of “Kamisama’s Kiss”, Juliet Suzuki, is usually compared to the author of “Inuyashi” Rumiko Takahashi. Apart from the fact that both of them are successful, influential female mangakas, there are strong female characters in their stories who use their feminine qualities as strengths, and not as weaknesses, as their environment often suggests. Perhaps it is this progressive and closer representation of female characters in writing, which usually has sexist tendencies, that makes such shows so successful. While it’s clear that vibrant culture, intense action, and humorous camaraderie easily attract viewers, it’s the inspiring experiences of the characters that really bring each of these stories to life and keep viewers engaged. That’s why it’s so frustrating to finish or catch up on a series without knowing how to fill the remaining hole.

Fortunately, similar storylines exist. While fans of anime such as Inuyasha and Fruits Basket may be saddened that they have run out of storyline, they can take comfort in what Kamisama Kiss has to offer. It has enough in common to suggest that these fans will like it, but it also has enough fresh perspective to make it worth watching.


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