Introductory Images of Honor 30S Reveal 40 Watt Fast Charging and 5G Support


Huawei has released new press images about the Honor 30S series, which it will announce on Monday. Shared images confirm that there will be a 5G supported version in the Honor 30S series and the device will support 40W fast charging.

Huawei, which will organize a new event on Monday, will present the “Honor 30S” series of its sub-brand Honor, the new smartphones of Honor, to consumers. Now, new press images about this phone have been released and these images reveal some details about upcoming phones.

New press images shared about the Honor 30S series clearly show that this phone will have a 5G supported version. Shared images also reveal that the Honor 30S 5G will have black and green colors.

Press release for Honor 30S 5G
The shared images also reveal some information about the camera setup of the Honor 30S 5G. Accordingly, Honor 30S 5G; It will have a 64MP resolution main rear camera and a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom support.

Honor 30S 5G, announced by Huawei at an event Monday, will not have a fingerprint reader sensor on the screen. The developer team has added a browser to the side of the phone instead, and users will be able to unlock their phones’ screens via this section.

During a statement about this upcoming phone, the Huawei team has confirmed that this phone will get power from the 5G-powered Kirin 820 processor. After this announcement, this processor showed itself in AnTuTu tests and managed to get a promising score. Huawei seems to be able to attract the attention of its target audience with the new phone of Honor, which it established as a company focused on young people.

Shared details for the Honor 30S 5G are not limited to that much. A post on Honor’s official Weibo account reveals that the upcoming Honor 30S 5G will feature fast charging with a 40 watt cable. However, neither Honor nor Huawei has made any statements regarding the wireless charging support of this phone.


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