Introducing Trailer from Marvel’s Iron Man VR


A new promotional trailer came from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Camouflaj’s new virtual reality game Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The game will be released worldwide on July 3.

Although the first tool that people think of playing games is not virtual reality devices, these platforms also have very successful games. Virtual reality tools, whose structure is different from the consoles we are accustomed to, offer new gaming experiences.

When we set out from the scenes we see in the movies, Iron Man’s game, perhaps the most suitable superhero for virtual reality, will be in front of us very soon. The new adventure of Armored Yenilmez will be published on PlayStation VR.

New promotional trailer from Sony and Camouflaj

Just days before the game was released, the game’s distributor Sony and its producer Camouflaj have released a new trailer. In the trailer, we can see a brief summary of the different tasks we will do in the game. The trailer shows that sometimes we will repair aircraft, sometimes we will solve problems, but we will often fight something.

As seen in the trailer, Ghost will be our main enemy in the production. We’ve seen the character before in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp in the MCU. Another competitor is Arthur Parks, a successful but unfortunate scientist, the Living Laser.

When we look at the previous explanations and trailer about the game’s scenario, we see a Tony Stark that has just stopped producing weapons. The reason for Tony and Ghost’s confrontation is that Ghost, who is an enemy to companies, attacks Stark beings around the world.

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Wear your armor

In addition to the virtual reality glasses in the game, we also use the controls of PlayStation VR. This gives us the chance to dominate Iron Man’s famous lasers. We also spend a lot of time in the sky, which is quite normal when we think that anyone with a flying armor will not run after their enemies.

Of course, we constantly strengthen our armor and develop new models in the game. The development of permanent armor in the comics is also in this production. With the release of the game on July 3, we will learn more about its content.

You can watch the trailer of Marvel’s Iron Man VR below


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