Introducing the world’s hardest programming languages!


In the programming world, we categorize the syntax of some languages ​​as easy and others as complex. One of the things that beginners have wondered about is the easiest and most difficult programming languages ​​in general. We have already told you why the Python language is good for starting. Now we’re going to look at some of the weirdest programming languages ​​that we might call the hardest programming languages.

The hardest programming languages

In fact, attributing the most difficult adjective to a programming language is a controversial issue. Because the usage area of ​​each language can be different, sometimes the syntax is complicated. The languages ​​on the list have been developed for entertainment purposes and are not the kind to be used for developing a project.

The most complex programming language: Moo

Cow’s creators designed this language to be complex. So, using this language, you cannot be burdened with developing a project.

You can write code by constantly adding different suffixes to the word Moo. Let’s take a look at the codes that output “Hello World” for an example.

en zor programlama dili

You can code by changing the first and last letter of the word Moo. As we mentioned from the beginning; this language was created purely for entertainment purposes.

Gentle programming language: Intercal

Are you aware that you are constantly giving orders to the code editor while writing code? Intercal will be tired of this that constantly expects kindness from you. If you haven’t said “please” enough in the code sequence, the code may fail. Terms such as “Please Do”, “Please Read Out” and “Please Give Up” are in this language.

You can see a sample code sequence for the language below:

dünyanın en zor programlama dilleri

There is also a minor tutor of the Intercal language by Princeton University students Don Woods and James M. Lyon in 1972.

The most difficult programming languages ​​in the world: Chef

As the name suggests, Chef language has something to do with restaurants. I can say that the Chef language can be very practical. The codes you will use in this language consist of food ingredients. After you write the ingredients, the recipe of the dish appears.

en zor programlama dilleri

When using this language, the measurement units of your materials should be globally used units such as grams and ml. If you write the ingredients you have on each line, you will have information about how to cook the food.

For these languages, the word esoteric can also be used instead of hard. But these are the most difficult software languages ​​because they are very small and difficult to learn. What do you think about these languages?


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