Introducing Innovations to Make Google Cloud Even More Functional


Google Cloud: At its Cloud Next event, which took place today, Google announced quite remarkable collaborations. He also talked about the improvements coming to the existing BigQuery, VertexAI and Spanner services. In general, there are improvements that will make the platform simpler and easier to use. The fact that the tools used in the development of games are combined thanks to the game engines, provides a great deal of convenience to the developers. When these tools are together, there is no need to open a separate program for light and sound, and things go faster and in harmony with each other.

The same is true for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google, one of the search engine giants, introduced innovations and services that will make the work of people working in this field faster and more efficient at the Cloud Next event held today. The company also announced its important collaborations at this event.

Vertex AI Workbench to be integrated into the Vertex AI service:

Talking about the Vertex AI service, which firstly offers the necessary tools for machine learning, Google announced the Vertex AI Workbench, which it will offer within this service. The innovation in question will act as an IDE (Integrated development environment) for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This feature, which is often overlooked in platforms that offer cloud-based data processing, will prevent coders from jumping from program to program and will provide a more tidy working environment by combining their working environments.


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