Introducing itself as an Apple Technical Services Fraudster, Stole $ 16K


Calling the person who calls himself Apple technical service as a cheater, demanded the information stole 16 thousand dollars. The fraudster could not get his money back because he gave the information himself.

There was an interesting case of fraud in the state of Florida in the United States. Dianne Waunsch, who has nothing to do with technology and computers, gave all the personal information she requested to the Apple technical service person who wanted to call her and provide technical support. The result was disappointing, as you can imagine.

The well-meaning (!) Technical service person who called Waunsch on the phone requested his personal information from Waunsch for help and stole the 16 thousand dollars of Waunsch with this information. More importantly, Waunsch is not able to get his money back as he handed the access permit to his neighbor himself.

Dianne Waunsch said in a statement about the incident that he did not think he could be the victim of such a fraud. Officials say the most important solution to such situations is to call the technical service in person. Waunsch, especially those who are far from technology should be more careful against such situations, he says.

According to information from such cases of fraud in the United States before. Security officials in the area where the event, consumers warned of technical service fraud. If someone claims to be calling the technical service for any product you have and requests your personal information, they advise you to hang up and call the company in person.


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