Intriguing new color options for PS4 controllers from Sony


Sony announced in a blog post on Monday that it will bring back some of the rarer yet highly popular DualShock 4 remote color options from this month.

If you don’t intend to acquire the PlayStation 5 game console from the very beginning and need a new controller for your existing PlayStation 4 game console, you can consider the new color options that will be released. As Sony previously explained, PS4 controllers will not work with PS5 games, but can be used with PS4 games that are backward compatible. Regardless, PS4 owners are waiting for new controller options that look more stylish.

In the blog post in question, “The DualShock 4 wireless controller family has continued to grow since its launch nearly seven years ago. We have introduced more than 25 colors worldwide, from the classic Jet Black and Wave Blue to the eclectic Sunset Orange and Red Crystal. ” says Steve Schwartz, Sony’s senior marketing manager for PS VR and peripherals. “Today; We’re happy to announce that we will be bringing back some of the newer stylish designs such as Berry Blue, Red Camouflage, Rose Gold and Steel Black at participating retailers around the world this August. Check with your local dealers for availability and pricing. ”

Some of the renewed colors are available on Sony’s US PlayStation website with a price tag of $ 64.99.


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