Intriguing Moments to Pay Attention to in The New Variety Show Yeo Jin Goo, Ha Jung Woo, Joo Ji Hoon and Minho


Yeo Jin Goo, Ha Jung Woo, Joo Ji Hoon and Minho from SHINEE will embark on an exciting journey for young people!

Earlier, in October 2022, TVING announced the launch of their new entertainment show “Ticketing With Two Feet” (literal translation), which tells about Ha Jung Woo, Joo Ji Hoon, Minho from SHINee and Yeo Jin Goo on vacation as they explore on behalf of the youth who have spent the last few years at home because of COVID-19. This “dream team” will travel to New Zealand and participate in missions to earn vacation tickets that they can give to young people.

Here are four key points that will make you even more excited ahead of the upcoming variety show!

Dream team’s “big brothers” Ha Jung-woo and Joo Ji-hoon reveal their soft-hearted sides

Ha Jung Woo and Joo Ji Hoon, both actors known for their wit, expressed excitement about their first regular appearance on the entertainment show. In previously released video teasers, Ha Jung-woo and Joo Ji—hoon introduced their secondary characters — a girl with a height of 300 millimeters and a girl with a height of 187 centimeters, respectively – and, as they say, demonstrate their talkativeness through endless chatter, lifting the mood of the audience. expectation.

Meeting between senior and junior Ha Jung Woo and Yeo Jin Gu

“Ticketing With Two Feet” also represents a special chemistry between Ha Jung Woo and Yeo Jin Gu — two graduates of Jung Ahn University — that overcomes the age difference of 20 years. In an interview shown in one of the teasers, Ye Jin Gu shared that his role model is Ha Jung Woo. Expectations are high from their teamwork, which goes beyond generations.

There are no limits for Joo Ji Hoon and Minho, who are full of energy and positive emotions.

Joo Ji-hoon and Minho, who first met in the drama “Medical Top Team” in 2013, are causing excitement in the dream team’s journey. They have a lot in common, for example, endless passion and a positive attitude. Viewers are curious to find out what kind of synergy they will create when faced with unexpected missions.

The “younger brothers” of the Dream Team Minho and Yeo Jin Gu can boast of a special friendship that warms the hearts of the audience.

Unlike Ha Jung-woo and Joo Ji-hoon, who are not familiar with everything related to the filming of variety shows, Minho and Yeo Jin—goo are experienced veterans of variety shows who do not panic about sudden missions. They say that they took care of each other like real brothers, and the next moment they staged practical jokes, bragging about the real brotherhood.

The premiere of “Ticketing With Two Feet” will take place on January 20. Follow the news!


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