IntoTheBlock: The Rise Of The Chainlink Did It For Them


Chainlink (LINK) broke the all-time record, rising to $ 23.76, according to data from Binance cryptocurrency exchange. With this record of LINK, whales were seen to resurface. According to the research conducted by the IntoTheBlock analysis team, 8 out of every 10 LINKs on the market belong directly to whales.

LINK price refreshes all time record

LINK has gained 70% in the last 7 days, becoming one of the top rising cryptocurrencies in the top 10. Although there are many factors that put the LINK price to record, it is emphasized that it is most useful for whales.

Ascension benefited 9 LINK whales the most

According to IntoTheBlock data, the 9 richest LINK wallets own 66% of all LINKs in circulation. In the research, it is stated that a group representing 52 wallets and expressed as “investors” has 14.34% of the amount of LINK in the circulation. In addition to 9 LINK whales, with 52 wallets, 80.3% of the amount of LINK in circulation is seen in wallets.

Researchers point out that the greater the number and value of LINKs in a wallet, the less effective it is. This shows that the richest LINK wallets are “strong hands” ie long-term investors. While the amount of LINK owned by 9 wallets is 660 million, the amount of LINK owned by the group called “investors” stands out as 143.4 million.

The 9 LINK whales, which did not sell their hands even after the LINK price increased to $ 20, and did not have any transfer data, are described as the group that benefited the most from the new record.


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