IntoTheBlock: Announces 10 Altcoins Dominating the Market with Their Profits!


Ethereum, Bitcoin and Matic finish 2021 on the crypto market’s most profitable assets list. Big coins are pushing smaller altcoin projects for profitability. The most profitable assets in the market include cryptocurrencies with the largest number of wallets remaining in profit compared to their initial positions. While the profitability of the asset depends on its performance in the market, it also depends on the average position price opened by the traders.

Profitable altcoin projects

According to IntoTheBlock data, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Matic continue to be among the most profitable assets in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin is 82% profitable, Ethereum is 86% and Matic is currently at 98% as it reached its ATH just a few days ago. Large capacities seem to dominate the market. Due to the relatively stable and positive Bitcoin performance in the crypto market in 2021, the absolute majority of traders and investors are closing this year with profits. Bitcoin has withdrawn only 26% from its ATH compared to 50-60% of smaller altcoins.

Ethereum, on the other hand, performed more impressively over the year compared to BTC, losing just 16% from its most recent ATH. Small altcoins are losing positions. While smaller altcoins like the Shiba Inu have done impressively over the year with more than 1000% growth in less than a month, nearly half of the individuals holding these assets are either losing or losing money. This kind of distribution is linked to the majority of the market entering altcoins like the Shiba Inu closer or at the top, which puts them in an increasingly worse position. With the Shiba Inu pulling back by almost 60% and other altcoins like LINK moving in the range, the majority of small-cap investors are closing the year with losses.