Intolerance: That’s why Sarah Harrison felt bad!


Sarah Harrison (31) clarifies! A German influencer informed his community a few weeks ago that she was not doing so well. Therefore, she wanted to be examined by doctors as soon as possible. The emigrant even flew home to Germany to find out the cause of her symptoms. Now she finally has clarity, and she informs her subscribers: Sarah is gluten intolerant!

“I had to digest it first, sort it out, read it and talk about it with family and friends,” Sarah stressed in her Instagram story. The beauty did not want to immediately make it public in order to adapt to the changes in her life. “Every day you can no longer eat pasta, which you used to like to eat, or cakes,” explained the mother of two children.

Meanwhile, she was looking for alternatives and integrated gluten—free products into her daily life – and Sarah is already feeling much better! “I haven’t used gluten for six days and I see and feel that I’m getting better every day,” she beamed into the lens.


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