Into the Pit: Meet The Shooter Involving Spells and Demons


Into the Pit: Gamescom 2021 officially started this Wednesday (25th) and among the surprises presented there was the announcement of Into the Pit, which showed a preview of what is to come in the broadcast made by Microsoft for the event last Tuesday ( 24).

In this game, you control a mystic traveler who is in search of a hidden power and must face various demons to get your hands on it. For this, the protagonist receives help from one of his cousins to open the portal to this other world, but for some reason he ends up losing contact with it as soon as he crosses the mystical line and needs to fend for himself to escape the place alive.

Here’s a bit of gameplay (which involves firing different spells at opponents) and other game elements:

Into the Pit will be released on October 19th for Xbox One and PC, and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog as soon as it launches.


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