Into the Breach, free game on the Epic Games Store


Subset Games ‘award-winning indie title returns as a free title to the Fortnite creators’ platform. It’s not the first time that Into the Breach has been available for free on the Epic Games Store.

A few months ago, before anyone knew what was to come in 2020 with the coronavirus, the North American company offered daily video games to celebrate the Christmas season. The title developed by Subset Games was the first of their gifts, so players who do not already have it in their library will have a new opportunity to get it, since from now on it can be downloaded at no additional cost and permanently. The game will be replaced on September 10 at 5:00 PM by the upcoming free items, Railway Empire and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.

After Hitman and Shadowrun Collection, it is the turn of Into the Breach, a science fiction video game that takes us to a world on the brink of destruction. Human civilization is on the brink of collapse and is under constant siege from deep-living alien creatures. Players must wield mechs from the future to try to end the threat that looms over them. Under a turn-based strategy structure, the production of the FTL creators also offers us a whole series of challenges. In addition, each game is different, since the challenges are generated procedurally.

The Epic Games Store has been providing free games since its launch at the end of 2018. The store, which does not yet have some functionalities that are active on Steam, has already started testing both achievements and the incorporation of mods. However, they are still in the testing phase, so there will be changes from the final versions.

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