“Into Infinity & Beyond’ Origin is Revealed in a Deleted Lightyear Scene


A deleted scene from Lightyear reveals the cut—out origin story of the catch phrase “To Infinity and Beyond!” The famous phrase is the motto of the Buzz Lightyear toy, voiced by Tim Allen in the Toy Story franchise. Introduced as a kind of opponent of Sheriff Woody Tom Hanks in the original 1995 film, Buzz has been a staunch participant in the franchise since its inception.

Pixar has turned the Toy Story universe into three successful sequels and many short films, but this year they took their boldest step with the franchise. On June 17, 2022, they released “Light Year”, which is supposed to be a movie in the universe for which the toy Buzz is a companion product. In this movie, space Rangers Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) and Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) explore a distant planet before an incident sends Buzz many years ahead in time. In the future, he embarks on a brand new adventure with a team that includes Alisha’s granddaughter Izzy (Keke Palmer) to fight the evil Emperor Zurg (James Brolin).

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This week, Cartoon Brew released a video in which Lightyear director Angus MacLaine explains a scene cut from the first act of the film that explains the origin of his famous phrase. The scene, which is the original representation of Izzy Hawthorne as a child, was cut to increase the tempo of the film, and is presented in various storyboards, and the sound from Evans’ performance plays on top of them. Breaking into his apartment, Izzy brags that her brother can count to infinity, but she wants to go beyond that, which, according to Buzz, is mathematically impossible.

This scene is taken from an earlier draft of the film, which also mentions that Izzy and Mo Morrison (Taika Waititi) were to become siblings. Obviously, the filmmakers decided to completely change the dynamics of the film after storyboarding this scene. However, it’s strange that this decision cut out one of the most important elements of Buzz’s origin story.

Despite the fact that “Lightyear” contains references to the phrase justifying its use in the toy “Buzz Lightyear”, this scene much more accurately confirms the origin of the catch phrase. Even though the context would have changed, it would have made sense to include similar lines in the scene that eventually made it into the movie. However, the film made much more difficult decisions for fans of the character, so this little quibble probably didn’t immediately come to mind.


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