Interviews with Chad Moldenhauer, Jared Mollenhauer and Or Samet: Cuphead Supplement


The release of the long-awaited Cuphead The Delicious Last Course add-on is finally just around the corner, and it will offer many new boss battles, mechanics and characters at the end of June this year. The DLC for the iconic Run and Shoot game was first announced in 2018, and after an annoying string of delays, players will be able to enjoy everything The Delicious Last Course has to offer this summer. The action takes place in the aptly named D.L.C. Isle, the new version offers more challenging battles than ever before. Along with a variety of new items that players can use in the main game, the new playable character Miss Chalice and her unique abilities will appear for the first time in The Delicious Last Course.

In a pre-preview interview, Studio MDHR revealed a slew of new Nintendo Switch footage from The Delicious Last Course, showcasing innovative gameplay elements and showcasing new characters and locations. The developers’ approach to DLC was described by producer Eli Simet as “depth, not breadth”, with an emphasis on how the team’s skill set has expanded since the release of the first game, and how this has been reflected in the DLC in terms of things like the plot. and animation. The story of The Delicious Last Course centers around Miss Chalice, also known as the Legendary Bowl from the main game, and the search for ingredients for a special cookie that will help Miss Chalice leave the astral plane and keep her bodily form.

Studio founders and brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, along with producer Eli Simet, met with Screen Rant to discuss all the new gameplay, beautiful animation and items that Cuphead has to offer: The Delicious Last Course.

You said you really wanted to talk about Miss Chalice. She is the latest addition to the game and a way to diversify the gameplay. What motivated you to enable this new gaming option and how did you work to make it completely different? What was this design process like?

Jared Moldenhauer: Well, I would say that we always wanted to use it somehow, even in the original game. But because of the time and scale, she turned out to be just a mausoleum helper to give you your supers. The more we just discussed, it was like, “Should we wait for the second game? No, she belongs to this universe and this story.” We decided that we could focus everything on it and create something in the DLC that tells about another side quest, different from the original games.

Then, to design it in such a way that it allows for new movements, the double jump itself gives you a second way out. If you miss the first jump, you can always change your path. At the same time, we wanted to make sure—since she can’t use other enchantments—that she would have access to some of these other abilities that a Caphead or a Magman would have. Her diving dash is an invincible throw; it’s very similar to the smoke bomb throw on Cuphead and Mugman.

And also an extra heart, because, not being able for the player to mix and match some of them, we made it a new combination of several new amulets, and then a few more. It’s more through iteration and play to get to the point where you think, “This really seems different.” Playing even in the original game, there are ways to get closer to bosses that you didn’t have before, although it’s in much the same spirit as the original game.

Is it possible to say that it is easier to play than Kapheda and Magmena?

Jared Moldenhower: I wouldn’t go that far. I think the players like it more and what they are used to. It requires a little more attention to plan your double jumps, while some of you may just want to stay in the role of a Caphead and make one consecutive jump. The fact that Caphead and Magman can switch enchantments per fight gives you a little more variety and choice, which can be an advantage, whereas she has them all. It will be more tuned to how the player approaches things with her.

And it’s the same with guns. Now that we have more variety, it might be harder than before because the player wasn’t as good at aiming or something like that. Now they can come back and say, “What weapon will help me in this battle now?” So it’s not that something in particular is simpler or more complicated. This is that there are more opportunities to overcome various problems.

Eli Simet: Absolutely. And I want to take advantage of this wonderful answer from Jared. Even here, in the studio, I chatted with the director of our studio Maya, and we said that it was a different feeling.

With Cuphead and Mugman, you have to jump and intentionally parry the pink object, whereas Chalice will do it automatically with its jerk. For some people, this experience of timing parries is crucial to their approach to the game, and they may find automatic parrying a little disorienting.