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The new animated film Apple TV+ “Luck” takes viewers into a world where good luck and bad luck are created and randomly distributed among people. In the so-called Land of Luck, the Captain, voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, watches her organization manage lucky coins and cats that carry them to the human world and back. In the main story of luck, the notoriously unlucky Sam Greenfield (Eva Noblezada) crosses paths with a lucky black cat named Bob (Simon Pegg) and embarks on a journey through dimensions to find out the true meaning of luck, family and friendship.

Goldberg is widely known for her roles in the films “Ghost”, “Purple Color” and “Sister Action”, as well as for co-hosting the ABC talk show “Look” since 2007. and the Horse Bojack. In the future, Goldberg will play the main role in “Sister, Act 3” and will appear in 2022 in Chinonye Chukwu’s film “Till” about the story of Emmett Till and his mother.

Screen Rant interviewed Goldberg about the importance of Captain Luck’s story and the film’s overall message to the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screen Rant: What sparked your interest in joining the cast of “Good Luck”?

Whoopi Goldberg: I was asked [laughs]. That’s what sparked my interest. They said: “Would you like to do that?” and I’m like, “Yes, please.”

Can you describe your experience of playing this character and what did you like most about it?

Whoopi Goldberg: I love that I was a leprechaun because, let’s be honest, you’ll never see brown leprechauns. You just don’t see them. So, I wanted to make sure that this mythology of the leprechaun story is also transmitted to all other people on the planet. People just think that leprechauns come from the same place — it’s not. They come from all over the world.

This allows us to prove it, because it exists. She’s a little brown leprechaun—not in a big silver box, but she’s still a little brown leprechaun. She has a kind soul, and she really wants life to remain as she expects it. Then, of course, things change and she has to deal with changes and how to make things work, and she has to change her idea of what luck and bad luck are. Because, as it turned out, it’s all part of the same sphere.

The release of Luck comes at a time when the pandemic, lasting two and a half years, is one of the many sources of pain and deprivation for so many people. Can you talk about what it means to offer a message of perseverance in this film, given what is happening in the real world?

Whoopi Goldberg: Here’s what I can tell you. We survived this pandemic, lost a lot of people and learned a lot of really terrible things. But we also got a lot of amazing things because people were forced to stay in their homes with their families. You couldn’t just talk on the phone; you had to sit at the table and talk about things. Suddenly, families are talking, doing something together, dancing together and fooling around together. Lovers are in the same position. People who don’t have children suddenly have to really talk to each other.

We have seen that the canals in Venice have been cleared. There were fish in the canals! We saw how the air is being cleaned, and suddenly you realize: “Yes, we can change the situation.” We’ve seen it. It was imposed on us, but we saw it happen. I think people didn’t realize how isolated we were from each other in the same house.

The pandemic has brought families back to many people. Not for everyone, but for many. What this film does is that it showed us, if we are present, we can really see the good in what seems terrible. How do we remove it, hone it and keep the good? This is a film about hope, and change, and laughter, and family, and who a family is, and what a family looks like. Who knows who each of us really is at heart? Most of us, I think, are pretty decent people. There are also not very decent people, but I think most of us try to at least be decent. And this is stated in the film. You’re doing your best. Just try it. You can see the lucky penny if you are open to it.


Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation talk about Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest man in the world! Suddenly finding herself in a never-before-seen Land of Luck, she must team up with magical creatures to turn her luck around.

Come back soon to find out about our other interviews with the actors of Luck, which will be released during the week!


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