Interview with Tunic: duration of the game


Interview with Tunic: We chat with Andrew Shouldice, its creator, who recounts the creative motivations of a title that seeks to surprise by what goes beyond the visible. That Madrid Games Week of 2018 is far away. For many, the Madrid fair was the first contact with what is now, almost three years later, one of the most anticipated titles by lovers of the independent video game scene: Tunic. Finji is making news again, and he’s doing it for good reason. After the excellent Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Greg Lovanob), this collaborative studio based in Michigan, United States, intends to continue offering unique and personal experiences; much as Overland and Night in the Woods were. There are reasons to trust Andrew Shouldice’s Finji.

Once the Xbox demo available for Summer Game Fest 2021 has been completed, MeriStation talks with its creator to tell us what is behind an amalgam of inspirations that give rise to an adventure as evocative as it is classic; including the reason why the protagonist is a fox, the approximate duration of the game and the message that it seeks to convey to users.

Tunic, exploring hostile unknown lands

This Tunic demo, available in a limited way and exclusively for Xbox launch consoles, offers us some different locations than the playable demo three years ago. There are aspects that do not change, however, such as his perspective or an artistic section that enters through the eyes. 4K resolution and a smooth frame rate, according to what we could expect. The result is the result of work that has taken five years to complete.


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