Interview with Sofia Wiley and Dara Rene: HSMTMTS, Season 3


While fans of the original franchise were initially hesitant to accept the show, “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series” became a huge success for Disney+. The characters quickly won the hearts of the audience, and the relationship between them continues to develop over time.

Changing the setting offers the show several opportunities to make a difference, as the Wildcats visit Camp Shallow Lake to stage a production of Frozen. As Courtney (Dara Renee, “Anatomy of Passion”) struggles to adapt to nature, and Gina (Sophia Wiley, Andy Mac and the School of Good and Evil) leads her new romance with E.J., there are bound to be many unexpected twists ahead. of them.

Screen Rant Talks to High School Musical Stars: The Musical: The Series by Sophia Wiley and Dara Rene about upcoming storylines and summer romances in the third season.

Screen Rant: The premiere of the third season is approaching. Sofia, it looks like Gina is waiting for a lot of interesting things. She finally puts down roots, becomes a real integral part of this group, takes a leading position, she has her first boyfriend. What can we expect from Gina this season?

Sophia Wiley: I think we can just expect something unexpected. It’s such a crappy answer. But everything Gina goes through this season is so new to her. And it’s really new for the public to see her in this light. This light of falling in love, having these really strong friends and creating new friendships, and the fact that other people come into her world and sort of shake things up. I think there’s just a lot of new stuff out there, and it’s exciting for me because I have to really experience and – what’s the right way to say it? Experiment with Gina this season in a new light.

Screen Rant: We also have a Courtney character. She had a great season last season, it really made her more active and central. We need to see her relationship with Howie, we need to see her cast in the play… so what awaits her next?

Dara Renee: Well, Courtney has stepped out of her comfort zone a little bit this season. We’re in the woods. Courtney doesn’t do the woods. She doesn’t like the forest, she really loves the shopping center two meters away from her. But it was a lot of fun to play with this character and just have fun with him.

It was also really cool because this season, you know, Courtney is really talking about her struggle with anxiety and the different things that a lot of people our age are facing right now. And people not our age are facing right now, and I’m also struggling with it. So I was very grateful to talk about it. And so to be able to have this mix of comedy and something that I deal with personally was really fun. And I am very happy about it. I love it.

Screen Rant: Courtney is my favorite character, so it’s so cool. Sofia, I need to ask about Gina’s personal life. It looks like we have a few different things going on. What can you say about Gina and E.J.’s relationship? And she also had feelings for Ricky that were in the background for a while. What can you say about all this?

Sophia Wiley: As we saw in the trailer, Gina and E.J. are happy in a new relationship with each other. A lot of honeymoon, just so happy to be with each other in this new environment. He had been to the camp before, but she hadn’t. So, this is all very new.

And, of course, as in any new relationship, there will be difficult moments. And there will be people who will come on stage and kind of shake them up. But I think at the moment, in the first episodes, Gina is really focused on having fun at summer camp, but also becoming a good girl for the first time. And no matter what, I think she’s fighting for it.

Screen Rant: Is there any particular storyline that each of you is looking forward to? Do you know that you can tease that you are very excited that the fans will see?

Dara Rene: Oh…

Screen Rant: I know! I asked you hard.

Dara Renee: I think I’d say I’m just really excited about the storyline with Gina, Ashlynn and Courtney. I mean, we’re bunkers. This has never happened. You know, when you’re living with someone, it’s a little different than just seeing them in the hallway and, you know, saying, “What happened?” So it’s really fun. And I couldn’t have dreamed of a better group to just talk and just, you know, lie down in a honeycomb — that’s the name of our cabin — lie down in a honeycomb and just relax, so I would say bunks. I’m very excited about this storyline.

Sophia Wiley: I am very glad that people will see us in “Cold Heart”, because the songs from “Cold Heart” are so iconic.


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