Interview with Miss Pat and Jordan E. Cooper: The Miss Pat Show


Warning: Contains minor spoilers for the second season of the Miss Pat Show and profanity for adults.

The creators of the Miss Pat Show, Miss Pat and Jordan E. Cooper, return for season 2, where comedian Miss Pat continues to star in a series based on her own life, with Cooper serving as executive producer. The Emmy-nominated original sitcom BET+ begins in the second season, where Miss Pat lives with her family and is still in a relationship with her sister Denise (Tami Roman). However, a difficult family event brings the sisters face to face again, albeit not always a smooth road.

The groundbreaking R-rated BET+ series continues to solve complex problems throughout the second season of the Miss Pat Show. Season 3 has already been confirmed, and Miss Pat continues to combine her stand-up performance skills and comedic rhythm with her acting to create a fun but heavy drama. Meanwhile, Jordan E. Cooper’s vision helps bring the most difficult conversations to life.

Last month, Screen Rant visited the set and the live broadcast of Miss Pat’s show, and then took part in a round-table interview with Miss Pat and Cooper. The discussion delved into future plans for the show, how Ms. Pat’s own life experiences shaped the show, and Jordan E. Cooper’s intentions in delivering important messages in a sitcom setting. The premiere of all 10 episodes of season 2 of the Miss Pat show will take place on BET+ on August 11.

Screen Rant: Congratulations on the end of the third season!

Miss Pat: Wrapping today, thank God!

Jordan E. Cooper: Listen, I’m ready to go home!

You? And then you can skip it in a week at most?

Jordan E. Cooper: I’ll be in the editing room, so I’ll see their faces.

Miss Pat: And he’s ready to go to Broadway, so he’s busy, and I’m going on our tour. Going back on tour, working on some other things and trying to just stay busy to see what happens; if there is a season 4.

Screen Rant: Let’s start with the big question. How much do you have planned for the future? If the network keeps saying yes, how long do you think the “Miss Pat Show” will last?

Miss Pat: Well, we started first because he was the third writer to come on the show. So when we wrote the pilot together, we thought, “Oh, all we want to do is do 5 seasons, and we’re just leaving.” And here we are, season 3, moving on to season 4, as we hope, and we thought: “When will we leave?”

I mean, we really want to come out on top. This show is more his brainchild and more my dream. He helped me realize my dream. So, I think we both have the same feelings about this show. We want to come out on top.

Jordan E. Cooper: We never want to jump on a shark.

Miss Pat: We don’t want to do this just for the dollars. That’s not why we’re here. We are here to do something that has never been done.

You’re talking about writing a pilot version and something that no one has done yet. Jordan, you’re making history with your content, especially for BET+. This network has never seen such content. When you did that, you thought: “We’ll just throw all the examples out the window” or was it like, “I want to take this part from this show, and this one from this show?”

Miss Pat: Oh, he wanted to throw everything out the window. Since he came from the theater, he dreamed about it as a child. Let me tell you something, I’m a comedian. TV was not in my field. Ok? I’m like, “TV show? Oh, okay? Well, what do you want to do about it?” He’s the one who wanted to break all the rules. I just wanted to tell stories, saying, “Here, you can take my life and pull it all out,” but in fact it was his idea.

He decided to just say, “She shouldn’t be on Fox.” And we’re like, “What the hell are you talking about? We’re on Fox.” He’s like, “No, she’ll be much better off if you just let her be her.” And I’m like, “Come here, boy.” I said, “No one is going to let a big black woman swear on TV.” He was so young.

Jordan E. Cooper: I was a college senior.

Miss Pat: Because I say, “Come here, Jordan. You’re going to make me look like… a big black woman…” He said, “But you’re swearing anyway.” I said, “No, I’m not swearing.”

Jordan E. Cooper: No. She said, “No, damn it, I’m not swearing.”

Miss Pat: You know, as an adult woman with children older than him, I had to sit back and just let him guide me. Because I used to be a kid with a dream. Yeah. And so many times when you were a kid with a dream, people could shut down your dreams because they don’t understand you. And I think that being a mom, a mother, when he appeared, I was able to understand that this is a child with a dream, and he is looking for a sandbox to play in. I’m like, “Come on, playboy. Come on, what do you want to do?”

Jordan E. Cooper: And I’m grateful to her for that. Because she really trusted me to push her beyond the boundaries. Because when you think about it, it sounds crazy, right? I literally remember that I sent you a draft of the first 10 pages.


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