Interview with Andrea Martin: Evil, Season 3


Attention! This interview may contain small spoilers for the second episode of the third season of the TV series “Evil”, which premiered today.

Evil Season 3 has already been broadcast in two episodes, and this always creepy detective thriller has turned out to be even darker and weirder than ever before, now that it’s being broadcast on Paramount+. While last season left fans with one tantalizing cliffhanger unleashing the romantic chemistry between Kristen (Katya Herbers) and David (Mike Coulter) before our eyes, Season 3 gives even more temptation with an abundance of dreams, and also makes viewers doubt Kristen’s path. on.

Of course, Kristen isn’t the only one asking questions. Evil is a series about faith and a variety of ways to test it, so it’s logical that the character with the least doubts finally becomes a full–fledged actor: Andrea’s sister (Andrea Martin). Although she has already shown herself to be very capable, giving advice to David and fighting face-to-face with the evil Leland (Michael Emerson), fans are going to get a lot more out of her, as hopefully a bright light in the demonic darkness.

Screen Rant talked to Martin about how things have changed in her journey to Evil since she became a regular on the series, about the new dynamic she can explore on screen, and about her collaborative dynamic with showrunners Robert and Michelle King, with whom she previously worked on A good battle.

Andrea Martin as Sister Andrea and Katya Herbers as Kristen Bouchard in the third season of the series “Evil”, broadcast on Paramount+ 2022. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

Screen Rant: Congratulations on switching to a regular series. What was your experience on set this year? Do you feel at home?

Andrea Martin: I feel like a part of the company. I think the wonderful thing that happened this year is that I met Katya. Of course, last year I worked mainly with Mike Coulter and Michael Emerson, so I never came across Kristin Lahti. I don’t think we had any moments together.

But this year I had to work with Kurt Fuller, so it was wonderful to find out what the dynamics of Andrea’s sister are with each of these people. And it’s individual for each person, so it expanded the possibilities of Andrea’s sister and maybe made her a little more interesting.

Speaking of working with Mike, what does it mean to be David’s advisor? Now that he is officially ordained, how are these relationships changing and developing?

Andrea Martin: I think there’s pressure on him to stay on the beaten track. She knows he’s human, and he’s a handsome, sexy guy. Who wouldn’t want to be with him? [Laughs] But I think she understands that; I don’t think she’s scared.

She is very worldly, even though she is a nun and lives in this church. I think she understands human nature, but I also think her mission has become more stressful and she doesn’t want to lose it. He is a very unique person in the church. She has the power, and she knows that he has the same powers as her, and he just has to develop them. And she’s the person who’s going to help him, but he has more doubts because of Kristen, as you can see in the first few [episodes]. It is always present.

We learned a little more about Andrea last season, in terms of her giving up her mundane emotions to embark on her mission.

Andrea Martin: I’m so glad you mentioned it. It was such a beautiful scene I did with Mike. He’s such a great actor. It’s nice to work with everyone, and everyone has their own character, but there’s nothing frivolous about it. He’s funny, but so professional and so disciplined. It is a pleasure to work with him, because I know that I will get something in return from his work. It’s somehow easy to work with.

I think we have good chemistry—at least I hope we get caught.

This is certainly the case. What I like about Sister Andrea, which Robert and Michelle King also talked about, is that she represents a force of nature trapped in this tiny growth. She has the least doubts, she is able to instill the fear of God in Leland’s heart. Can you tell us about the combination of these two extremes in one person?

Andrea Martin: There are days when I feel very confident and love the force, but I don’t have the inner faith that she has. That says it all about her.

You see in one of this year’s episodes that she had a vision when she was a very young girl and it fueled her. I don’t think she’s had any doubts since she saw Saint Bernadette. I would like to be a fearless person and live with a faith that gives her the opportunity to tell the truth, even when people don’t want to listen to her.

That’s the conflict all the time. The church especially doesn’t want to listen; they don’t want to listen to women, and they really don’t want to listen to her. Yeah.